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Ray Mancuso is the founder of Elementary Processing and has over 15 years of experience in the Payment Processing Industry.  Ray has provided effective solutions for countless businesses of every type and size.

Elementary Processing partners with many payment software and hardware platforms to fulfill every merchant’s needs.  Platforms include TSYS, First Data, Vantiv, and many other innovative and flexible platforms to meet the diverse needs of clients and customers.

Elementary Processing prides itself on delivering reliable solutions that enable our clients and partners to process transactions efficiently, safely, and in compliances with all state and federal laws to provide peace of mind for businesses and business owners.

Most importantly, Elementary processing provides solutions where other payment processing businesses fail.  Elementary Processing has recently allowed Medical Marijuana and Recreational to move away from cash-only transactions and move into debit and pin based solutions to provide safety, legal protection, and more accountability.

Learn about the payment processing solutions that could allow your business to run more effectively, dependable, and with the ability to grow.

Find out more about the payment processing solutions Elementary Processing can provide.


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Smart Solutions for Your Business

Elementary Processing provides merchants easy payment processing solutions that work for any type of business. Contact us anytime so we can bring you processing solutions that will help your business grow.

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