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iPad POS Used for Small Business

iPad POS Used for Small Business

InStore iPad POS, Done Right

Manage your business anywhere, anytime with the iPad POS system loved by merchants everywhere. Instore customers enjoy promotions, analytics, payments, rewards, and much more built right in, so business can be simple.

Instore offers a full-featured tablet POS.

But what if your business just wants to take payments, reward + track customers, and sell gift cards? 


Customer Rewards

Reward customers for how much they spend, magically and painlessly. Motivate customers to purchase and pay with gift cards, your most profitable form of payment.

Payments Maestro

Accept any payment type, anywhere.

No Internet? No problem. Use Instore’s Offline Processing feature. Your business won’t skip a beat.

Ask about our EMV Guarantee.

Customer Database

Leave the customer tracking to us, knowing something about nearly everyone who walks in your store. Collect contact information seamlessly while maintaining a full order history of your customers, searchable in seconds.

Instore Gift Cards

Customized Instore gift cards are free to use and swipe at your store, a low cost payment option and great branding for your business. Learn how gift cards can increase traffic, generate higher sales, improve cash flow, and encourage repeat visits. We can even import existing gift card programs.


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Smart Solutions for Your Business

Elementary Processing provides merchants easy payment processing solutions that work for any type of business. Contact us anytime so we can bring you processing solutions that will help your business grow.

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