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Cloud Based Point of Sale for Restaurant, Bars, and Breweries

Point of Sale for Restaurant, Bars, and Breweries

We offer a full-featured Point of Sale system built for restaurants, bars, and breweries.  Tried, tested, and true, our system offers a unique solution to point of sale for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Management

  • Split Tickets by Number of People, Items Ordered, or Seats
  • Merge Tickets or Transfer Items Between Tickets
  • Hold and Fire for Coursing
  • Track To-Go Orders
  • Transfer Tickets Between Servers
  • Open and Pre-Authorized Tabs
  • Unlimited Multiple Tender Payments Allow Cash and Card on the Same Bill
  • Pay-In and Pay-Out Functionality and Reporting
  • Kitchen Printers and Grouping
  • Kitchen Printing in Any Language You Desire
  • Walk-Out List
  • Shift Beverages


  • Customizable Menu Area
  • Menu Shortcut Button for Easy Navigation
  • Global Modifiers
  • Different Modifier Types Make Ordering Foolproof
  • Order Types Help Track Revenue and Reduce Errors


  • View Reports on Any Computer
  • Break Down Reports by Day, Week, Month, or Year
  • Sales Data on Inventory at Department, Category, and Item Level
  • Employee Monitoring – Time and Attendance, Pay-In and Pay-Out, Wages Due, Etc.
  • End of Day and Shift Reports – Print Out on Receipt Printer for Shift Closes and Cash Drop

Server Management

  • Multiple Permission Levels for Servers and Managers
  • Complete Shift Reports on Station Printers
  • Track Voids, Discounts, Ticket Deletions
  • Multiple Job Types Available Per Individual

Delivery Mode

  • Caller ID Recognition
  • Past Order History
  • Distance to Store
  • Deliver Tickets for Drivers


  • Pre-Set and Custom Tip Options
  • Delayed Tip Functionality
  • Generate Tip Reports
  • Complete Server Shift Report Prints at Station


  • Track Anything and Everything!
  • Real-Time Countdown on Screen for Specials
  • Transfer Inventory Between Locations Using Your Online Business Portal

We provide the software and hardware you need to make payment processing solutions that work for your business.

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Smart Solutions for Your Business

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