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Server Based Restaurant POS Software

Server Based Restaurant POS Software

SambaPOS is the only Restaurant POS Software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Complete Customization

Create Stunning Menus with Photos of Your Food and More

Give your staff powerful tools to serve your customers. Use real photos of your food and create unlimited submenus and order modifiers.

Advanced Reporting

Build Your Own Report

Think and imagine a report then begin to design it easily. Track your transactions, products and inventory. You can get reports for all your workflow. Work with the combination of reports instead of going into separate reports.


Integrate your software with SambaPOS

By using GraphQL APP you can manage some features in SambaPOS. Change prices of products, get data for reports. Integration with ordering and payment systems are so easy and practical.

A La Carte – Quick Service – Takeaway Departments

Create Many Departments in SambaPOS

A la carte, quick service and takeaway departments can be managed in the same database. Custom menus can be created for departments. Products can be placed at different prices. Various authorization and automation options for departments.

Process Tracking

Track the Efficiency of Your Business and Analyze

All operations in a restaurant can be tracked with SambaPOS. Authorization, process queue and timing, orders, tables, cooking and service time can be managed and analyzed easily for increasing your restaurant’s productivity.

Floor Plans and Table Organization

Design Table Layouts Easily

View the live status of the tables on an easy floor plan. Add and delete seats. Move an item to another person or table. Tables can be tracked as visual on the floor plan.

Billing Operations

Define and Set Multiple Payment Options

Settle via multiple payment options such as cash, cheque, debit/credit card, loyalty card, customer account. Add discount on receipt and menu item or menu group. Define various tax type.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Create and Manage Loyalty, Gift, Membership and Prepaid Cards

SambaPOS offers businesses the ability to customize their loyalty and rewards programs. Create special promotions according to different card types. Loyalty feature gives you the power to create engaging programs that build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Multiple Currency Support

Don’t Lose Time for Calculation

SambaPOS allows taking cash transactions in multiple currencies. You can define unlimited currencies. Cash reports can be taken by currencies.

Accounting System

Tracking Receivables and Payables

Current accounts of customers, accounts of branches, wages of employees can be tracked easily and practical. This account infrastructure can be custom designed. In this way, any mistake canbe fixed.

General Features

  • Simple and User-Friendly Design
  • Authentication by Using Password
  • Unlimited Menus, Categories and Products
  • Creating Product and Product Groups
  • Taking Order by Clicking on the Product Pictures
  • Taking Order by Option, Price and Quantity
  • Gift, Cancel and Void Features
  • Grouping, Splitting and Merging Orders
  • Fast Sale Feature From Cash Register
  • Printing from Cash Register and Kitchen Printers
  • Settling by Cash, Credit Card, Currency and Voucher
  • Transferring Payments as a Department to the Current Accounts
  • Designing Table Layouts
  • Changing, Transfering and Merging Tables
  • Summary of Day, Sales and Collection Reports
  • Inventory Actions, Warnings and Reports
  • Confirmation of Inventory Limits by Periodic Check

We provide flexible solutions that are catered to your needs and allow your business to grow.

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Smart Solutions for Your Business

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