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The Poynt Portable POS Payment System

The Poynt 5 is perfect for any merchant who wants flexibility to take every sort of payment from chip and dip to apple pay.  It is also a great way to redeem email redemption codes and great  at farmers markets, large retail, restaurants, grocery stores and for merchants with a drive through and not a lot of room for a bulky POS terminal.

Great for Payment On the Go

The new Poynt 5 are great for a quick payment at a guests table, or for a hostess to take a quick order with. And it’s small and compact and you don’t have to give your phone away with your personal info on it.

Portable and Efficient

The new Poynt 5 is small, fast and a great tool to take an order with instead of pen and paper. Take a payment so guests can leave when they need to and pay how they want. And you can redeem loyal customers coupons when they come in regardless if I’m at the farmers market, food truck, or at my brick and mortar restaurant.

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Smart Solutions for Your Business

Elementary Processing provides merchants easy payment processing solutions that work for any type of business. Contact us anytime so we can bring you processing solutions that will help your business grow.

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